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Professional Excavation and Utility Service

Excavating your property or installing utilities on your property needs to be handled carefully so that it is not damaged. The professional team at J Porter Enterprises of Huntingdon, PA, can efficiently and affordably get it done for you so that your property is safe from unnecessary damage.

What is the point of spending money on excavation and utility service if your property gets damaged in the process? To avoid this, our team works very carefully so that your property is not damaged in any way. Our aim is to provide consistent quality service based on your needs.

Our highly-skilled professionals  will complete the work properly.


Why take a chance with other substandard services? Contact our team today by calling 814-819-0037 to get top-notch excavation and utility services for your property.

  • Residential sanitary sewer service

  • Residential waterline

  • Site clearing

  • Site excavation

  • Building pads

  • Handling of materials

Once we understand your requirement, we will provide high-quality excavation and utility services which include:

We also provide other services such as:

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